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  • Can I play sports and be in band?
    Absolutely! Most of the students in band are involved in another activity. Students can participate in many activities and still be in the band!
  • Do I need experience?
    No. Things like piano lessons and music lessons can certainly help, but no previous experience outside of your regular Elementary Music classes is needed. The band directors will show you everything you will need to know in order to be successful on your instrument.
  • How much time does it require?
    Not much. Most of what we do happens during regular school hours. Beginners only have 3 - 4 after school practices for the whole year. Beyond that, we ask students of all ages for 20-30 minutes of daily home practice.
  • Does it cost money?
    Not as much as you might think! Through deals and discounts from our local music companies, we are able to offer many of our instruments for an affordable rent-to-own price. There are even some instruments owned by Prosper ISD that we can provide for a $100/year maintenance fee.
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